Know your Vitamins.

For healthy body development, you need to take nutrients and in in the right amounts as well. The body requires vitamins in small amounts to sustain life . The body needs to get vitamins from food because the body alone does not have the ability to produce them and if it does, they are simply not enough. Surprisingly the requirements of vitamins among different organisms varies a lot, some will require some vitamins while others will not

Humans need to take a balanced diet that will provide vitamin C while dogs on the other hand will never need to ingest the same vitamin because their body produce the vitamin sufficiently. On the other hand when the human body is exposed to just the right amount of sunlight it has the ability to synthesize vitamin D. Vitamin D is not that much in food ,it would explain why you need to go outside for some minutes when that sun comes out. Each of the vitamins has a role in the body that cannot be substituted for another, they are also required in different quantities. Today there are thirteen vitamins that are known and documented, they are also categorized as fat soluble or water soluble.

The two types of vitamins differ in several things, first of all when it comes to absorption , the water soluble vitamins are absorbed by the body with ease while fat soluble vitamins need bile acids to help absorb. The excess of water soluble vitamins are expelled from the body but the excess of fat soluble vitamins are stored in the body. You need to witch your intake for the fat soluble vitamins having established that they tend to stay in the body for longer periods of time. Taking a lot of these type of vitamins on top of having others in the body may lead to a situation where you are intoxicated.

A balanced diet will have the right amounts of each nutrients and there is no way that you will be intoxicated with fat soluble vitamins, taking vitamin supplements however might intoxicate you. Since water soluble vitamins will be expelled from the body much more quicker, you need to always ensure that your fresh supply is kept constant. Vegetables and fruits are sure sources of vitamins which means a balanced diet should have both. Vitamins are so vital that should you fail to take a certain kind of vitamin the body will develop a medical condition.

Pregnant women that have conditions may have the recommendation to take vitamin supplements as well as those that are on a strict diet that they can’t deviate from. Being essentials of life people need to watch their vitamin intake to ensure that you take just but enough for the body as you do not want to be on the wrong side of the scale.

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