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Top Causes of Flight Anxiety

A research carried out indicates that people experience anxiety disorders because they fear not being in control. For people who fear to fly, you will find that it is not the flight itself that freaks them out. Various passengers assume that they will have to deal with the fear of planes and use different substances such as sleeping pills, instead of treating the source of their anxiety. However, such people should be encouraged because they can now identify the source of their anxiety and face their fears to enjoy flying. Get to discover the causes of flight anxiety by reading this article.

One can get flight anxiety from turbulence. One can be anxious anytime they take a flight because they once boarded a turbulent flight. One may also get anxious if they ever got sick or emotionally upset on the flight. You may be healthy currently, but your brain will still have memories of what it was like to have a bad experience on the flight.

Another cause of flight anxiety is underlying claustrophobia. If you haven’t been on a plane yet, but you are experiencing flight anxiety when you think about it, it could be a case of claustrophobia. Claustrophobia causes one to experience extreme fear for tight spaces or large groups of people. Discover more about the symptoms and remedies of claustrophobia by reading this post.

You might be experiencing flight anxiety due to hearing tragic news and stories about flying. You might be afraid of experiencing tragic events during your flight, such as aircraft crashes that you have heard of before. You can try journaling before your flight to help you overcome the fear associated with the images you see in the media or imagining your mind.

You might be experiencing flight anxiety because of bottled up emotions. If you have heard a story of a plane crash that has you worried, do not try to fight the feelings. Instead, write down everything that you will say about the crash, and this will be a therapeutic way to express your thoughts and emotions rather than having them bottled up. You may find that you need to journal about your feelings many times, but eventually, you will feel the burden lifting from your psyche. Always ensure that you find an outlet for negative thoughts.

You could be experiencing flight anxiety because you’re scaring yourself physically. Motion leads to an emotion, and how you move your body sends signals to your brain, which in turn can let you know how you feel about a situation. If you start tensing your facial muscles or gripping your seat, your brain will sense that something is wrong, which will trigger anxiety. Try to psyche yourself up to enjoy your flight and relax.

Be sure not to self medicate because it leads to increased anxiety. Instead of using substances to mask your anxiety, get help so that you deal with it and avoid adding further problems to your body.