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How Stem Cells Are Used In Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative medicine can be defined as a medical therapy that uses stem cells and biomaterials to fix structures in the body that do not function properly. The root cause of the disease is treated by regenerative medicine, unlike traditional medicine which only focuses on treating the symptoms of the disease. Wherever a patient has an injury that is taking time to heal, doctors use stem cell therapy to boost the healing process. To get the stem cells therapies, a patient often receives cell through an injection. Arthritis, injuries to the skeletal and muscular system are some of the injuries that are usually treated using stem cells injuries. Mesenchymal stem cells are the most widely used stem cells in regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal stem cell are adult stems cells that are mostly found on the bone marrow or other tissues such as fallopian tubes. This type of cells can differentiate to form bones, tendons, muscles or skin. Mesenchymal stem cells are able to keep multipotency while with high self-renewal capacity.

The human body contains a lot of stem cells that are mostly found on the bone marrow. The stem cells are used to repair and do maintenance in the body. The stem cells are capable of being transformed into any cell that requires maintenance. When a person has enough stem cells, there is always an equilibrium between the rate at which the body is carrying out repairs and the rate at which it is being damaged. As one age, the number of stem cells that are in his/her body reduces in number. Aging causes an imbalance between the rate of damage and speed of repair because the number of stem cells decreases. This is, therefore, the leading cause of conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and injuries.

Even with age, there are places in the body contains large reserve of stem cell. buttocks, and hipbone are some of the places that have reserves of stem cells. In the stem cell therapy, the medical doctor typically inject stem cells to the affected part from the reserve parts. The the damaged area is repaired because of the growth factors in the stem cell secrets the growth factors that initiate the process. There are many places that you can receive Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. There many health facilities such as Active Integrated Medical Center that focus on the administration of Mesenchymal stem cells therapy.

There are multiple types of people who are sick and who requiresMesenchymal stem cells therapy. People with trauma and those who are injured are the primary beneficiaries of Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. Another category of patients who require this therapy are the ones who are suffering from bone cancer because they can be given bone marrow transplant with stem cells. Another type of people who can benefit from stem cell therapy are people who want to reverse the aging process.

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